General features

Wmanager as CRM and process manager

WManager base package can be used with little or no development as a business process manager.

  • Default business data model:

    The installed package carries a well designed "General Purpose" business data model , which you can extend and customize according to your needs.

  • Process handling:

    A core engine handles processes using the paradigm of POA (Plan Of Activities). The "Next Activity" is created based on the status and result of the "Current Activity" and according to the predefined process configuration. Activities use "CMS like" reusable forms templates that you can configure using a pre-built form configurator (as easy as Google forms) or you can develop it from scratch with a basic html/php skill.

  • Default front-end-views:

    We have included a very simple schema of business entity views. All front-end pages are rendered using a fully lincesed and responsive Bootstrap template.

WManager as Development framework

Enjoy the unlimited scalability of the platform.

  • Base-Admin template:

    The fully licensed bootstrap-ready template allows you to develop new views in minutes.

  • Pre-build basic features:

    You can use the existing libraries to integrate your new features without the need to rewrite all basic classes (like authentication, ACL, Menu etc)

  • HMVC based:

    WManager is based on HMVC basic CodeIgniter framework.

  • Extensions management:

    You can install third party extensions and/or develop your own extensions. This is a business opportunity.

Other WManager cool features

WManager has been developed so far following 3 main goals.

  • Simple stack:

    WManager relays on a standard PHP/Postgres stack. This keeps installation, backup and maintenance tasks easy and the platform highly reliable.

  • Standard SQL:

    WManager uses a standard and readable SQL database structure with a clear separation between the core processing tables and the business data model that you can extend and customize according to your needs.

  • Unlimited scalabilty:

    We worked to create a robust core package with the possibilty to import extensions. To do so we are using Codeigniter MVC framework. That helps code scalability in terms of technicalities (code modularity), quality assurance (standards) and governance (having the possibility to relay on the wast community of developers, both for open-source or commercial purposes).