2017 Gold Partners
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Making WManager better, every day.

WManager is a complete ecosystem, core software, extensions, tutorials, guidelines, all of this consistently approached by the multiple perspectives of final users, business consulting companies, system integrator and developers.

There is a lot to do over here and - whatever is you role in the game - you can choose among many ways to contribute.

Collaboration mostly happens in WManager Wiki.

You can find some of the following shortcuts useful, to the main wiki sections and other useful tips on how to contribute. Any kinds of help or suggestions are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us if you have some spare time to invest in WManager project.

Core software development

Core software development is now taken care by Adharsh G. from the Maintainers Team, from our 2017 Gold partner.

Extensions development


WManager.ORG is currently Maintained by WManager project Maintainers.

Financial support

We created WManager.com to provide affiliate programs, other professional services , including professional supports that will help in WManager project funding.

Read more about WManager project funding here.

Software Documentation

Documentation is a task for Gianluca P. from the Maintainers Team.

Extensions repository

Extension repository in currently under development by Raghav N. from our 2017 Gold partner.

Projects Guidelines

We are looking forward to collect projects guidelines, best practices and other business level documentation to help the community gain the most out of WManager ecosystem.


Is there anything you would like to suggest? Would you like to get hints on how to start contributing the project?

Check out our todo/wish lists WIKI page to start right away.